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BF Goodrich


BFGoodrich Tires was the first American manufacturer to make radial tires. The company was founded in 1870 - more than one and a half century ago by Dr. Benjamin Goodrich. The tire manufacturer was originally a part of Goodrich Corporation but was then acquired by the French tire company Michelin in 1990.

BFGoodrich is possibly the most innovative tire brand in the US ever. Apart from making the first radial tire in America, BFGoodrich was the first to develop tubeless tires in the United States. The list is endless for how much the company has achieved in the tire space. And the tire brand truly lives by its motto - “For Enthusiasts, By Enthusiasts”. If you are shopping for tires for your passenger cars, SUVs, CUVs, light trucks, or UTVs, you should look no further than BFGoodrich Tires.


Yes. BFGoodrich is a legendary tire brand with more than 150 years of manufacturing experience in the tire industry. The company is well known for its performance tires as well as its racing achievements. Its racing roots can be traced back to 1914 when it won Indianapolis 500. And has since then won numerous races including 28 victories in the Baja 1000 and 13 wins in the Paris-Dakar rally. BFGoodrich has also solidified its place in the off-road market with its All-Terrain T/A and Mud-Terrain T/A tires. Overall, the brand has a loyal customer base across all tire segments. If you are shopping for new tires for your vehicle, go for BFGoodrich and see for yourself why it is such a credible tire brand.


Yes! BFGoodrich will fit onto your car. The BFGoodrich brand offers a wide variety of tire sizes to fit your car perfectly.

Some of the sizes of BFGoodrich tires that are the best fitment for your car or truck are:

BFGoodrich offers a wide range of tire sizes with a variety of tire sizes, widths, and aspect ratios.


Yes! BFGoodrich Tires has a rich history of more than 150 years of tire manufacturing experience. From 1870 when it was founded by Dr. Benjamin Goodrich till today, the company has consistently delivered quality tires - be it off-road, on-road, or for racing cars. They have also been at the forefront of tire innovation by introducing the first radial tires and the first tubeless tires in the US. If there is one tire brand that you can trust blindly for its quality and performance, it is BFGoodrich.


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