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Imitation Wheels can be Dangerous!

Posted by JAY on

At threepieceus its no secret that we are big supporters of authentic 3 piece wheels, and not the biggest fan of replica brands, or "reps". This video from Weds Wheels demonstrates the difference between a forged, quality made wheel and a cast replica. Check out the damage that occurs to the replica wheels when subjected to the same testing as the authentic wheels!

When the price of authentic three piece wheels is falling lower and lower every day, why would you still purchase replicas that can hurt your car's performance, or potentially cause you injury!

What are your thoughts about authentic wheels versus replicas?

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Nick contacted us with a specific setup in mind for his STI. He wanted Work VSKF in a finish similar to the OEM Burning Black. After some back and forth the DDT (Double Dark Tint) over High Polish color was selected for the centers. The wheels were machined from 3pc welded to true 3pc in house [...]

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Brushed Laser Red/Polished Laser Red Work Equip

When Robert contacted us about a new setup for his R32 GTR we were excited to take on the project. He knew Work Equips were a must have to compliment the classic JDM styling of his car. A set of Equip centers were sourced by Robert and sent to us for refinishing and resizing. A bright red [...]

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Step Lip Brushed/Chrome Work Equip

Joey contacted us about a set of Work Equips for his S2000 show car. He knew what he wanted from the onset: wide, big lips, brushed centers, and chrome outers.We took a set of original 17" Work Equips and removed the stock lips and barrels leaving us with just the centers. These centers were then [...]

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High Polished Work VSXX

Vantha contacted us about ordering a perfectly specced out set of VSXX to fit his Evo. This was an instance where a brand new set of Work Wheels made more sense than having us rebuild a used set, as exact brake clearances were required.A set of 18x9.5 Work VSXX in the standard Burning Silver finish [...]

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Glistening Copper VSKF

Frisco contacted us about building some 5x100 VS-KF for an aggressive, functional fitment on his GT86We started with a set of 17x7 VSKF which were then split in house on our lathe and converted from 3 piece welded to true 3 piece.The centers were then high polished and shot in our Glistening Copper finish.3.5" Lips [...]

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Weds Kranze Bazreia Relipped + Diamond Cut Faces + Black Windows

Recently wrapped these Bazreia up for our customer Mike @wilkinsfairladyz33He opted to ditch the small stock lips, relipping them from 19x8 +38 to 19x10+13/19x11.5 -64 new 6061-T6 forged Weds Kranze reverse lips in High Polish finish replace the OEM Weds Kranze lips to both widen the wheels and give them a more aggressive deep-dish [...]

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