Shipping & Return

Shipping Policy


Accessories will be shipped within 1-5 business days. This includes items like hubcentric rings and lug nuts.

Orders for wheels will generally be processed same business day, and on your doorstep in 1-5 business days depending on your location, and which warehouse we ship from. We process orders 7 days a week, and ship Monday-Friday

Wheel and Tire packages will be shipped within 21 days - Though most ship much faster! This provides us time to accurately pick, QA/QC check, mount, balance, pack, and ship your wheels with tires. We are a specialty manufacturer of custom wheels, and as such we take extra care with your orders to ensure accuracy.

This timeframe can be delayed by a few business days. We make every effort to ship as quickly as possible

Shipments will arrive 1-7 business days after leaving our warehouse.

Shipments to the lower 48 states are sent via USPS or Fedex or UPS

Shipments to AK/HI/PR are, by default, sent via USPS. If you would like to upgrade to Fedex or UPS for an extra charge, please contact us.

Intl shipments are sent via USPS, Fedex, UPS or DHL

Wheel and Tire packages are shipped via LTL using various carriers or via UPS/Fedex

Shipping time on backordered items may vary. Please contact threepieceus for ETA on backordered items BEFORE ordering.

Shipping costs for a set of wheels are as follows:

Lower 48 states: Free

AK/HI/PR/Canada: $250

ROW(Any country/territory not listed above): $500

Wheel and Tire packages ship to the lower 48 states ONLY for free

Return Policy

All items and services provided by threepieceus, LLC. may not be returned for credit. All wheels are sold AS IS.


Now - Let us explain. Wheels and tires are large, bulky items. They are expensive to handle and ship. While we understand there are situations that you may purchase a product and later want to return it, in order to keep our prices low for everyone, we choose not to accept returns on our wheels, tires, and other products. With that said - if anything is ever not right/what you expect/what you want, reach out and our team will assist you as much as we possibly can to correct the issue.

Returns are granted at the sole discretion of threepieceus, LLC.

Threepieceus LLC will charge a 30% restocking fee on ANY returned products.

No exchanges

If you have any doubts about the condition of any of our vintage used wheels, we recommend you inquire about our refinishing options, or purchase another set.

While we do our best to accurately describe wheels, threepieceus LLC will not be held responsible for descriptions of wheels. Buyer is responsible for inspecting product photos and determining if product condition is up to their standards.

Wheels in original used condition may have curb rash scratches and damage to face/lip/barrel finishing. No refunds on original condition wheels due to cosmetic damage.

In the event of a return being granted, buyer is responsible for packaging the product exactly as it was sent out and returning it, insured, with a major freight carrier. Upon receipt of the product and confirmation of its condition a refund will be issued. A 30% restocking fee will be charged on all returns. Buyer is responsible for all transportation costs for any returns.

Tire Mounting:

If you purchase wheels that do not have tires mounted:




If we have mounted tires on your wheels:
When buying packages, it is your responsibility to conduct a trial fitting prior to driving with the installed products. We cannot accept returns once the wheels or tires have been mounted and driven on on your vehicle.

Custom Products:

Absolutely no returns on custom products.

A Custom product is defined as any product that is not pre-made and stocked on our shelves, or a stocked product that has been modified for a client.

This includes, but is not limited to, custom cut lips+barrels. Custom built wheels. Wheel refinishing services. Wheels resized or refinished for customer. Machining services. Wheels custom drilled for a customer, special order/made to order wheels.

Wheel/Tire Packages:

When buying packages, it is your responsibility to conduct a trial fitting prior to driving with the installed products. We cannot accept returns once the wheels or tires have been mounted on your vehicle. In order to conduct a trial fitting and not render the wheel and tire package used - please follow these steps:
1. Mount the wheel and tire by hand, using your lug nut socket and an extension. Seat lug nuts tight, but DO NOT TORQUE THEM. Please bear in mind use of an impact wrench may cause signs of use around lug nut holes/lug seats and render your return/exchange ineligible.
2. Place cardboard and foam that were mounted on the wheel and tire when shipped UNDER the tire on the floor. Lower the wheel and tire onto the foam, and allow the suspension to settle.
3. Turn the front wheels lock-to-lock(left to right all the way) and visually inspect for contact of the wheel and tire assembly with body panels, fender liners, and suspension components. If you feel contact STOP, do not keep testing. Excessive contact can rub paint, tire letters, etc... off and render your return/exchange ineligible
4. Repeat for the rear wheels, and simulate load by placing heavy objects or people in the back seat or trunk of the vehicle while stationary.
5. If you are satisfied with the way your wheels and tires fit at this time please follow standard installation procedures for wheels and tires including manufacturer's torque specs on lug nuts.


TPMS(Tire pressure monitoring sensors) are standard components on all 2007 and newer vehicles in the USA. We highly recommend the use of TPMS sensors if your vehicle is equipped with a TPMS system.
Upon receipt of your wheel and tire package with TPMS installed, you will need to "pair" the TPMS with your vehicle. This can be done in the menu system of your vehicle. If unsure, a simple google/youtube search of "pair TPMS (your car here(eg:2007 Honda Civic))" should yield instructions that will assist you. If your TPMS still does not pair, please take your vehicle to a local tire service center - It is fine to drive there with the TPMS light on, just check your tire pressures and ensure they are within the spec printed on the door jam sticker by the manufacturer - and request that they program your TPMS sensor. At that time, please reach out to us with *a clear invoice from the wheel and tire center* for any costs associated with programming your TPMS, and we will assist you with this. Unfortuantely, if you do not have an invoice for the cost, we will be unable to assist you with reimbursement. It is vital you have this invoice available.


Occasionally, to fulfill an order faster, or offer a PCD(Bolt Pattern) that a manufacturer does not offer, we will custom drill a wheel to suit your vehicle. In addition to being a retailer of wheels, we are a true manufacturer of forged wheels with a full in house machine shop. Many manufacturers offer their wheels in 5x100, and 5x114.3 only. In order to fit these wheels on your 5x105,108,112, etc... car, you can either run an adapter - which will oftentimes make your wheels protrude past the fender, or have the wheels custom drilled to suit your vehicle. Unfortunately due to technical limitations, it is not possible to list every wheel that is a custom drill on our website. The custom drilling process involves us making a minor adjustment to the bolt pattern on our CNC Mills. We use the latest CNC machining technology on the highest quality machines available, and have developed custom tooling to minimize contact with the wheel. This adjustment inward or outward will leave a machined finish in the lug pocket, and can cause minor chips/scratches around the lug pocket area. While we make every effort to make this process as perfect as possible, these are limitations of the way CNC machining occurs. If you receive your wheels, and are dissatisfied with the custom drill process please inform a team member using our contact us form ASAP so that we may review the custom drill and confirm it is up to our exacting standards. Please note, returns or exchanges due to you "not liking" the custom drill will not be accepted.


This warranty provision limits you specific legal rights: Our responsibility for defects is limited to repair or replacement. All express and implied warranties for the product, including, but not limited to, any implied warranties, conditions of merchantability or fitness for a particular purpose, are excluded and barred without limitation. threepieceus, LLC. does not accept liability for consequential or incidental damages, including, but not limited to, any liability for third-party claims against you for damages or for products not being available for use.