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4PLAY Wheels

4Play Wheels came from a desire to make a deeper, stronger, harder off-road wheel, that incorporates aspects of luxury forged wheels, into rims for a truck that are unique.
With features like deep concave wheels, exposed hardware, and a wide variety of sizes and finishes - from 20 inch truck wheels all the way up to 24 inch rims for your truck, and coming in custom finishes like Brushed Black and Satin Black a set of 4 Play wheels will help your truck stand out.

About 4Play Wheels


4Play Wheels is manufactured by one of the industry leading replica wheel companies - OEWheels - who are a wheel company that has been in business over 21 years. They saw the need for a new style of aftermarket truck wheel, one that doesn't just have a deep lip and a chrome center, and decided to run with it.

Why Should You Buy 4Play Wheels?


Unlike most wheels for your truck - 4Play Wheels specializes in making deep concave truck rims. This style of custom wheel is usually found on exotic or luxury cars, but 4Play has brought this style to the truck wheel game. Combining expert engineering, rigorous strength testing, and advanced weight reduction techniques - 4Play Wheels are perfect to upgrade the performance and style of your truck.

Do 4Play Wheels Fit My Truck?


Yes! 4Play Wheels will fit onto your truck. 4Play offers a wide variety of sizes of rims to fit your truck.
Some of the sizes that are the best fitment for your truck are:
Don't see the size you need? While most trucks can run a 20 inch truck rim, or some 22 inch wheels on your truck, we also carry brands that make 26 inch rims, 28 inch wheels, or even 30 inch wheels to fit your lifted truck.

What Colors or Finishes do 4Play Wheels Come In?


4Play offers a wide variety of custom wheel finishes to make your truck stand out.
Some of our favorites are:
Satin Black
Brushed Black
Satin Machined Bronze
Satin Black Center with Gloss Black Barrel
Brushed Gunmetal
Brushed with Polished Barrel

The Best Place To Buy 4Play Wheels


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