Ventura Drag


Overall Score: 38/50


Sizes - The Weld Ventura Drag comes in 15", 17", 18", and 20" in a variety of widths and offsets, as well as most 5 lug bolt patterns. We gave the sizing options an 8/10 - No 19" is a weird choice, but the Ventura Drag most likely comes in a size to fit your car

Sizing: 8/10 

Finishes - This wheel is only available in one finish, Black/Machined, and while it looks great, we wish Weld had given us a few more colors to play with

Finishes: 7/10

Weight - For a motorsports focused wheel, the Ventura Drag is on the heavier side. Flow Formed construction helps keep weight down and much of this weight comes from having such good brake clearance

Weight: 6/10

Design - While Weld didn't reinvent the wheel with this classic 5 spoke, it's a good looking design that incorporates functional components like a strong step lip, and convex design for brake clearance. The wheel is instantly recognizable amongst drag racers, and it's a timeless classic design.

Design: 7/10

Price - This is where these wheels really shine - starting at only $255/wheel you're not going to find a high quality racing oriented wheel, from a name brand manufacturer, for less. 

Price: 10/10