Overall Score: 38/50


The TE37 comes in a myriad of sizes and styles from the 15 inch only TE37 Sonic all the way up to the TE37 Ultra in 20 inches. There are literally dozens of Volk Te 37 variants that fit everything from a Toyota Tacoma- to a Ferrari 488. The common 18 and 19 inch sizes are covered by the TE37SL and TE37 Saga S Plus. Whatever you drive, there's a Volk Racing TE37 for it.
Sizing - 10/10


Unfortunately - not every finish is available for each variant of TE37 - meaning some sizes get nothing but boring white and black, whereas other variants get off the wall colors, or the more traditional Bronze TE37 or Gunmetal TE37 colors. Sometimes, if you're unlucky, you can wind up with a sizing combination that only has one single finish!

Sizing - 5/10


Do we really have to say anything about this? These are the lightest wheels you can buy, period full stop. If you care about weight, buy TE37s. As a forged monoblock wheel with extensive spoke, backside, and lug pocketing as well as hollow spokes(on some models) and a thin lightweight barrel, TE37s will mean you'll be first across the finish line.

Weight - 8/10


They're absolutely iconic. There are more TE37 Reps out there than there are reps of any other wheel. With how often they're knocked off, you should know the level of demand for them. When you think JDM wheels you think TE37, and so for design they get a

Design - 10/10


Ok, they're super expensive, we get it. How much are TE37s? Over $4000 in most sizes. So they're not cheap. That said - you get what you pay for and then some. The deep, rich finishes, the lightweight construction, the brand name, the racing heritage. You're not just buying te37s, you're buying the legacy of this wheel.

Price - 5/10