Aodhan Aff2 Wheels

Today on Wheel talk, we have the Aodhan AFF2 On Wheel talk, we go over specific wheels and give them a rating based on our specific categories.

The AFF2 is meant for bigger body cars that can run 19s and 20s, as those are the only two sizes they offer. It does make sense, however, because the style doesn't really fit smaller body cars.

For sizing, we give it a 5/10.

This one here is shown in a silver machine finish and is offered in three other finishes: matte gray, black, and bronze.

The overall quality feels nice, and the Finish gets a 7/10.

These wheels weigh about 20 lb for 20 inch rims, which to be completely honest, is not bad at all, but if you're rocking these, weight is the least of your worries.

Weight gets a 7/10.

Now, name a wheel company, and they've probably made something resembling this. Still, can't hate for the great price.

Design gets a 5/10.

Now, this is a redeeming category for this wheel. Competing with other 19 and 20s would usually set yourself back quite a bit.

With these on sale to the end of the year, price gets a 10/10.

Total score is a 34 out of 50.

If you like these, check them out on, and let us know what wheels we should do next.