American Racing 172 wheels epitomize the brand's unyielding commitment to delivering extraordinary performance, ingenious design, and first-class quality in the aftermarket wheel industry. The 172 series emphasizes the brand's ambition to manufacture wheels that not only enhance vehicle performance but also improve aesthetics.

The 172 model, a prominent offering from American Racing, showcases their dedication to merging style and functionality. Constructed from premium cast aluminum, these wheels present a phenomenal balance of durability and weight optimization, making them an excellent choice for performance-focused driving and everyday use.

American Racing's 172 wheels predominantly cater to the car and SUV market, bestowing these vehicles with a unique and modern look. Regularly outfitted on models like the Ford Ranger, Chevrolet Tahoe, and Jeep Wrangler, these wheels exhibit their high-performance qualities and streamlined style. With their blend of design, performance, and resilience, the 172 wheels uphold American Racing's revered status in the aftermarket wheel industry.