Lifetime Seal Warranty

At threepieceus we understand one of the major concerns with 3 piece wheels is that of air leakage.

As a result, we have offer a limited lifetime seal warranty on every set of wheels we build.

We hope this warranty will help you feel more comfortable about purchasing a set of wheels from us.

The short version: We will, for our customers, reseal your wheels at any time for any reason, at no charge.

Need to use the warranty? Follow these simple steps.

1. Remove wheels/tires from vehicle & dismount tires.

2. Inspect wheels and confirm warranty seal sticker is still in intact condition. 

3. Remove all accessories from wheels and safely package wheels for transit.

4. Contact a threepieceus LLC representative for shipping instructions.

Warranty Terms:

Warranty is valid for ORIGINAL PURCHASER of the wheels only.

Warranty is valid as long as warranty seal sticker remains intact on the wheels. Removal or destruction of the warranty seal sticker voids warranty

Disassembly and reassembly of the wheels by a third party voids warranty.

Threepieceus llc is not liable for any costs involved for any warranty claims; this includes any expenses as a result of removal, transportation, installation or loss of use.