Threepieceus offers a variety of services to restore and modify monoblock, two piece, and three piece wheels.


What: disassemble, reassemble, re-seal your 3 piece non-welded wheels

Price: $50/wheel, or $25/wheel with purchase of other services


Machine for Step/3 Piece Conversion

What: CNC machining services to convert your reverse lip wheels to step, or your 2pc bolted wheels to 3pc

Price: $40/wheel



What: Replace factory parts, or widen your wheels with new forged lips/barrels

Price: $180 per lip/$180 per barrel


Using new forged aluminum lips and barrels we can replace damaged factory inners and outers, or add a larger lip or barrel to dial in your wheel specs and wheel fitment to your exact needs.


 A wide variety of lips and barrels are kept in stock for most common Work, Weds Kranze, Leon Hardiritt, SSR, and American wheels. 


Need a lip for another wheel? with our in-house CNC machining capabilities we can custom cut lips and barrels to suit almost any wheel.


3 Piece Welded Wheel Resize

What: Split and resize wheels with a weld under the silicone bead.

How much: $40 per wheel.


With our specially developed in house lathe we have the capability to safely and effectively split 3 piece welded wheels while retaining the OEM barrel.


We can also use new inner barrels and outer lips to resize your welded 3 piece wheels. Price for this service starts at $1500/set of wheels.


Step Up Conversion

What: Add a step lip to your wheels and increase the overall diameter by 1”

How Much: $1600/set


Purchased a new vehicle and your old wheels are the wrong size for it? Our custom step up conversion is here to solve that problem. Using new forged inner barrels and outer lips we can increase the diameter of your wheels by 1” on any wheel from 13” up to 20”.


This price includes 4 new lips, 4 new barrels, and all necessary machining. 


Redrill/Fill & Redrill

What: Change the bolt pattern of your wheels

How much: $150 for minor changes, $250 for major

Turnaround: 1-2 weeks


Want to use OEM wheels off a BMW on your S13? Bought a used set of wheels with the wrong PCD? Our redrill service can take care of these problems for you. Done on our in house CNC mill we ensure maximum precision and guaranteed fitment.


For $150 we can change your bolt pattern up to 6mm in either direction, from 5x114.3 to 5x108, 5x110, 5x112, 5x115, 5x120


For $250 we can perform more major PCD changes, from 5x114.3 to 5x100, 4x100, 4x114.3. This is only possible on wheels with a “waffle cap” like BBS RS, SSR Vienna, etc…


Hub Bore Enlargement

What: Change the hub bore of your wheels to fit your vehicle

How much: $160/set


Using our in-house CNC mill we can adjust the hub bore of your wheels to ensure hubcentric fitment on your vehicle and eliminate the need for hubcentric rings.

We can only enlarge hub bore, not decrease hub bore.