Monoblock To 3 Piece Conversion

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*** Important ***

*** Read the ENTIRE product description BEFORE ordering ***

For the ultimate OEM+ look, Threepieceus offers the option to convert your factory OEM, or aftermarket monoblock wheels into a showstopping 3 piece variant.

This is an extremely custom process that we have developed 100% in house, utilizing our years of experience and specifically designed machinery, fixtures, and procedures to ensure the best results possible.

Converting your wheels to 3pc generally increases the diameter by 2" with a reverse lip, and 3" with a step lip. For example, a 16" 300ZX wheel becomes a 18" wheel with a reverse(flat) lip, and 19" with a step lip. It is, in most cases, not possible to "just add a lip" to a wheel and keep it the original diameter.

 When ordering this product, please be understanding that this process is not an exact science. We're working with 20+ year old wheels, and turning them into something they were never originally designed to be.

Some wheels will be +2"(16 becomes 18) with a reverse(flat) lip, some wheels may be +1" diameter(16 becomes 17). Unless we have converted that specific model before, WE DO NOT KNOW what lip style, lip size, etc... your wheels will have until they are machined for conversion.

If you think that, for any reason, you will be dissatisfied with the end product, lead time, or any aspect of this conversion, if you are impatient and unwilling to wait for custom work of this nature, if you are expecting a brand new in box wheel, etc... DO NOT ORDER THIS PRODUCT.  This service is for someone who is a true wheel enthusiast/collector, that wants something truly unique and is willing to pay what that costs, and wait as long as that takes. We offer thousands of new/vintage sets of wheels that are much more traditional products with standardized sizing, cost, and lead time, and would love to work with you on those products.


Q:What is this service

A: This service converts your factory OEM, or aftermarket Monoblock(1pc) wheel into a 3pc version


Q: How does it work

A: Fill out the information fields on this page and place your order. After the order is placed a representative will reach out to confirm details and arrange shipment of your wheels to us.


Q: What is the process

A: Your wheels are measured to confirm all dimensions will work with our rim halves. Subsequently the wheel is modeled in our CAD software for structural testing. Once the wheel passes, we begin machining operations for the conversion!


Q: What size lip will I have at X wheel specs?

A: It is impossible to determine lip/barrel sizing information before machining the wheels into a 3pc center. Please understand that, while we wish we could provide this information, it is legitimately impossible within the limitations of how wheels are made. If you are targeting a specific width/offset/lip size combination, and will be disappointed if you cannot achieve it, DO NOT ORDER THIS SERVICE.


Q: How long does it take

A: Due to the extremely custom nature of this work, we predict ETAs of 12-20 weeks, however please understand that it can take longer. Do not order this service if the set you are sending us are your only wheels.


Q: I have 18" wheels and I want to keep them 18" but make them 3 piece. Can you do this?

A: In almost all cases, no. A Reverse(flat) lip generally increases diameter by 2" (16" becomes 18") and a step lip increases diameter by 3" (16" becomes 19")


Q: What is the return/exchange/cancellation policy for this service

A: Due to the extremely custom nature of this work, there are absolutely no returns, exchanges, or cancellations under any circumstances.


Q: My center caps are plastic, what are my color options?

A: By default, plastic center caps will be liquid painted to match the center color. Metal caps will of course be powdercoated to match. Plastic caps will never be a 100% dead on match to a metal wheel center, the same way that your bumpers can never be a dead on match to your fenders/quarter panels. We highly recommend a Candy Red center cap if you are concerned about this.


Due to the nature of this work there is a (low) CHANCE that your wheels will be irreparably damaged during the manufacturing process. We will make every effort to replace wheels wherein this occurs, however, we reserve the right to decline performing this service on any wheel that we feel will be damaged, cannot be machined, or that is irreplaceable if damaged.

It is CRUCIAL that you supply all requested information including photos, measurements, etc... to the representative that contacts you after your order so we can confirm that your wheel can be converted before shipping the wheels to us. If incorrect information is provided to us, we are not responsible for any return transportation costs on wheels that cannot be converted.

This service is for OFF ROAD/SHOW + DISPLAY use ONLY. We do not recommend the use of monoblock -> 3pc converted wheels for street or track usage.

Due to the custom nature of this work, there are no warranties on this product expressed or implied of any kind. Use of this product is at your own risk. If you do not feel comfortable with this, please purchase an original 3pc wheel.