High Polished Work VSXX

Jun 1st 2016

Vantha contacted us about ordering a perfectly specced out set of VSXX to fit his Evo. This was an instance where a brand new set of Work Wheels made more sense than having us rebuild a used set, as exact brake clearances were required.

A set of 18x9.5 Work VSXX in the standard Burning Silver finish were ordered in R Disk and A Disk to ensure clearance over the Evo's massive Brembo brakes.

Upon arrival of the wheels to our facility they were disassembled by our team and the faces sent off to be chemical stripped and High Polished.

The wheels were then reassembled and the OEM Black/Gold VS center caps replaced with new Red/Gold W Center caps

WHEELS: NEW WORK VSXX - inquiries: newwheels@threepiece.us

CENTER FINISH: HIGH POLISH http://www.threepiece.us/high-polish-4x-wheel-face...

CENTER CAP: RED/GOLD W CAP http://www.threepiece.us/red-gold-work-w-center-ca... (not pictured)