Posted by JAY on Jun 7th 2016

Nick contacted us with a specific setup in mind for his STI. He wanted Work VSKF in a finish similar to the OEM Burning Black. After some back and forth the DDT (Double Dark Tint) over High Polish color was selected for the centers.

The wheels were machined from 3pc welded to true 3pc in house on our lathe before being relipped with 6061-T6 forged High Polished 4" lips for an overall sizing of 9.5". A great functional fitment to tuck under all 4 corners of his GR bodystyle Impreza.

WHEELS: WORK VSKF http://www.threepiece.us/search.php?search_query=v...

CENTER FINISH: DDT OVER HIGH POLISH http://www.threepiece.us/hand-brush-or-high-polish...

RESIZING: RELIP http://www.threepiece.us/relip-4x-wheel